tirsdag 30. desember 2008

day 44

Um, ok. Long time since i have wrote a post here now. I think my IB is pretty much over, and the acne itself is not so intense like it was before. It's still very many red marks and pimples though. Some weeks ago, i couldn't stand the itching, so i needed to start taking cortisone tablets again. And while i am on them, the itching part is much better. Think its time to get better now..

onsdag 3. desember 2008

Day 17

My face is starting to break out more i think, and maybe ill have some kind of IB. Ive had some nosebleeds, some pain in my back, dry and itchy skin(just face), dry lips and sensitive skin (EXTREMLY)

I bought myself xbox 360 2 days ago, so i can sit inside my house, having some kind of fun while im on the cure. The worst thing is accually school, where everybody can see me..


mandag 24. november 2008

Day 7

My face is looking a littlebit worse, and i think i might get some kind of IB. Starting to feel some side effects too. Littlebit dryed lips, more sensitive skin, and more hurting pimples. Had 2 nosebleeds on day 5, and one time today(day 7) Been inside my bed all day (not in mood for anything) Yesterday i was outside the apartment for some short time, but i didn't really enjoy it. Mood: Just-wanna-skip-school-and-sleep-forever-mood

torsdag 20. november 2008

day 4

I don't really see any form of side effects yet, but my face seem a littlebit more sore. My lips are normal, and my skin is just like it was at day 1.
Sometimes my acne spots hurts more than before, but i think its because of my sore skin. Don't know if its the accutan though.

mandag 17. november 2008

Day 1

Got my first Accutan today. I will try not to get too high expectations, and hope everything works out well:D


onsdag 12. november 2008


Ok, today i got a phone call from my determ. There was something with my blood test. One of the values were too high, witch means i got a kind of infection in my body:-( They don't know where the infection/fault is in my body, so i had do meet up with my determ and take a skin test. After being there, i had to take new blood tests so they can find out what type of treatment i need to get rid of the fault in my blood.

So i don't really know what i can do now.. Wish i didn't have to wait so long to get the treatment, since its destroying me from inside out.

- E17

tirsdag 11. november 2008

Blood test

I had to take the first bloodtest for the accutane treatment today. Hopefully i can start within 2 days from now

mandag 10. november 2008

My trip to the dermatologist

I hate to go to school.. I REALLY HATE TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Im just hiding behind my scarf all day, and pretending it's too cold in the class room to take the scarf away from my face.. I mean.. Im walking around with only my eyes visible.

This is pictures of me from today (sorry for bad quality):

My dermatologist wrote out accutane for me today. Before i start taking the pills i had to take a blood test. Cant take my first pills before thursday afternoon. Since my weight is 165 kg's, my dosage will be 40mg, 2 capsules pr day. He told me too see him again after the 50 first pills = 5th of january 2009 = No beer for new year:( just kidding;) Anyways i will start with a 300 capsules, and if my dermatologist isn't happy after that, i guess he will give me a new amount of capsules.

søndag 9. november 2008

24 hours++ in my bed

Today i have been in my bed for the whole day, watchin 6 movies.. What a life, eh? I don't wanna meet people anymore, and im not happy at all.. Everything would have been so great if it wasn't for this acne. So now im just hiding under my quilt all day long. The acne is itching and hurting like fuck, so i can't get to sleep.

BUT, tomorrow im off to the dermatologist. I hope (and im almost 100% sure he will give me accutane) that everything goes as planed during the treatment time. Ill put out pictures through the Cure. For my own sake, and for you people out there to look at if you find it interesting.


lørdag 8. november 2008


Ok, just made myself a blog/diary. My plan is to write down details about my feelings and how things are, day by day during my Accutane/Roaccutane treatment.

To begin with, ill start off by telling a short verson of my story.

I am a 17 years old boy from norway. I got mild acne 3-4 years ago, but at this point it's too much for me. I have tried so much the last years; some products was ok, some few made me break out too much, and some didn't make any difference at all.
Anyways, the big problem is that i've started to get the big-deep-badass-acne that hurts like hell, and itchin' like fuck.

These are the products i can remember at the moment, that i have used:

Worked ok/didn't make a big difference:
Skinoren, Basiron, Sebamed, (dunno the names in english)
Babour cleanser
Aloe vera gel 98%
Secuvie (some swedish cleanser)

Worked well:
Dalacin roll on (this was the shit, but not healthy because of the antibiotics, got a weird eczema of it, after constant use for about 7-8 months)
Tetracycline and tetralysal (same shit, just different colours on the pills, and just worked while i was on them)

Worse products ever!:
ProActiv Solution....... (this shit sucked ass! made me like i am today!! and thats not good. THIS SHIT MADE ME GET CYSTIC ACNE) i just wanna sue their asses!

I have a new "skin doctor hour" 2 days from now. updates will follow.