mandag 10. november 2008

My trip to the dermatologist

I hate to go to school.. I REALLY HATE TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Im just hiding behind my scarf all day, and pretending it's too cold in the class room to take the scarf away from my face.. I mean.. Im walking around with only my eyes visible.

This is pictures of me from today (sorry for bad quality):

My dermatologist wrote out accutane for me today. Before i start taking the pills i had to take a blood test. Cant take my first pills before thursday afternoon. Since my weight is 165 kg's, my dosage will be 40mg, 2 capsules pr day. He told me too see him again after the 50 first pills = 5th of january 2009 = No beer for new year:( just kidding;) Anyways i will start with a 300 capsules, and if my dermatologist isn't happy after that, i guess he will give me a new amount of capsules.

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